SS300U OEM Ultra Low Speed Non-Contact Doppler Sensor

Availability: Full Production

Houston Radar's SS300U Ultra Low Speed Doppler sensor/Doppler Radar is a state of the art milli-power Digital Signal Processing (DSP) based K-band radar for non-contact speed measurements and other industrial and security applications requiring high resolution short to long range speed measurement or motion sensing. It is the premier product in its class available in the world.

  • World's smallest and lowest power usage OEM K-Band Ultra low speed Doppler radar at 0.1 Watts, 6X lower than our DR500S radar and up to 25X lower than some other industry offerings
  • 300+ feet (90+m) typical pickup range for a compact vehicle or other large object
  • Measure speeds down to 0.2mph (0.3kph) and up to 16mph (26kph)
  • High resolution ASCII speed output with 3 places of decimal (0.001mph internal resolution)
  • Support for mph, kph, fps and mps speed units
  • FCC pre-approved with CE mark
  • Fully configurable via RS232 serial port for all settings
  • Simple rotary switch or thumbwheel input possible to set threshold
  • Wide input operating range allows solar operation
  • 1.75Wx1.65Hx0.5D in (44x42x12 mm) open frame ultra-thin profile
  • 1.9Wx2.1Hx0.9D in (4.5x4.8x2.4 cm) weatherproof enclosure option
  • Firmware "boot loader" allows for field upgrading of firmware
  • Two LED Lamp outputs to drive 1.8W LED lamps with dimming
  • One photo sensor input to sense ambient light to dim LED lamps
  • 100% self-test feature built-in including self power usage
  • IO expansion board w/ DB9 connector, rotary s/w and isolated high power output available

Specifications & Recommended Operating Conditions

VCC 6 to 18VDC (21V max)
ICC@12VDC 9 mA (0.1 Watts)
Radar RF out 5 mW maximum
Radar fcenter 24.125GHz or 24.200 GHz
Operating °F (°C) -40 (-40) min to 185 (85) max
Pickup Distance 300+ feet (90+ m) in most cases
Speed Range 0.2mph (0.3kph) to 16.2mph (26.07kph)
Internal Resolution 0.001mph maximum
Beam Angle 38°x45°
Beam Polarization Linear
Lamp 1 & 2 out 135 mA max each up to 60VDC
Lamp dimming 240 Hz PWM from 5 to 100 %
LDR light input 0 to 3.3V input
CE Mark Yes
Dimensions Open frame 1.75Wx1.7Hx0.5D”
(44x42x12 mm)
Boxed 1.9Wx2.1Hx0.9D”
Weight 0.05Kg (0.1 lbs) approx
Optional breakout board
Optional junction box

IO/PWR Connection Details

DB9 Pin # Function
2 Do not connect
3 Reserved. Do not connect
4 Reserved. Do not connect
5 Reserved. Do not connect
6 Reserved. Do not connect
7 Trigger "open drain" output #1
8 Trigger "open drain" output #2
9 RS232 Transmit from radar
10 RS232 Receive into radar
11 VCC
12 GND

Outline Details (dimensions in mm [inches])